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To reset your account credentials, fill in the fields below. The information you provide should match that which is recorded in Concordia’s Student Information System (SIS). Email addresses ending in cannot be used to reset your password, as they are designed to use the same credentials as your MyConcordia portal. If you require additional support, contact the Service Desk.

In the event that you did not provide an email address as part of the application process or during your studies at Concordia, contact the Service Desk for assistance.

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By checking the ‘I agree’ box below, you are verifying that you agree to abide by all rules and regulations when using your Concordia netname to access Concordia’s computing facilities.

I hereby understand that my civil liability may arise by using the facilities of Concordia University or the Netname assigned to me. I agree to comply with all the rules of operation of Concordia facilities. I further agree to use Concordia facilities only in order to try to fulfil my academic requirements or for the purposes of teaching and/or research activities for the sole benefit of Concordia University. I understand that unauthorized use of such facilities is subject to appropriate action by the University, including but not limited to the suspension of my access to the facilities. I shall comply with the law governing copyright and therefore with the University Policy on Copyright Compliance, particularly, with respect to software packages and programs. I understand that Concordia may obtain and use, as it sees fit, any or all programs developed in using the username assigned to me.


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IT Support

For more information about your Concordia Netname account, visit the Netname account management information page.

  • To submit a support request, contact the Service Desk.
  • Online: Complete and submit a support web form
  • Email:
  • In Person: H925 or CC207
  • Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 7613